Hi! Welcome to my website, as you may notice, I have a great passion for photo retouching, graphic design and expressing my creativity! My website includes some samples of my work from the last twenty years, therefore I wanted to share some additional information regarding my experience. I graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Arts in fine arts/graphic design and worked as a graphic designer for over 16 years, mostly within healthcare marketing. I knew early on that graphic design was my passion. I could never imagine doing anything else.


My studio work experience includes a full range of print media, though over the last several years I have added website design and photo retouching skills to my portfolio. Every project in my portfolio was done solely by me including the pre-press and production process. I have a great eye for detail and typically spend hours at my computer immersed in my work, I often find it difficult to stop and walk away!


So, when did I get an interest for photo-retouching? I've always loved it! I love fashion, I love color, I love make up, I love nature, I love technology, I love being on my computer, and most of all... I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!! Combine all my interests and you have someone who can create your vision, provide creative and practical input to your projects and deliver a great end product. Whether it's a new "look" for your business, creating a suite of marketing tools or retouching photos, I can assist you. Reflecting back on my career, some of my favorite projects were the ones where I had to spend time photo retouching the doctors' biography head shots or completely recreating a futuristic medical magazine spread. I love the production end of design. I love the photo manipulation and everything photoshop!!


Enough about me! Please feel free to view my work and email me should you have any questions or have any potential projects you wish to discuss.


Woodbury, CT    860-417-9409